"Alliance has provided our Association with results in the first month. Their communication and responsiveness is exactly what the doctor ordered."

Brian, President of the HOA, 1,100 units.

"Alliance, took our Association from a 75% delinquency rate down to 8% delinquency rate in 8 months."

Raymond, President of Miami Condo Association, 112 units.

"Having Alliance, CAS collect on our behalf allows our commercial property to focus on growing our business!"

Ken, President of Miami Beach Condo Association, 384 units.

"Our attorney collected $43,507 in 19 months charging $63,000 in attorney fees. In less than 5 months Alliance has collected $47,200 and it didn’t cost us anything!"

Paula, Condominium President, 288 Units

"With Alliance, CAS on the same side of the table as our condominium Association, we never have to worry about receiving an invoice for collections. They have collected over $250,000 in the last 6 months."

Maddy, President of Broward HOA, 425 units.

"Since selecting Alliance, CAS to perform successful collections for our condominium Association, our cash flow has improved tremendously! They have collected over 200k in the last 6 months."

Chris, President of Orlando HOA, 312 units.

Great Job! We would not have collected this money if we hadn’t hired you! Tell Scott thanks!

Barbara, Condominium President, 424 units.