Customer and Client Support

Customer Support

Account Inquiries

If you have received communication from our office in relation to a debt, please contact our customer support team.

Estoppel, Closing or Lien Payoff Inquires

Due to the nature of the estoppel, closing and/or lien payoff letters all requests, questions and concerns MUST be submitted in writing via email to estoppel@alliancecas.com.

Client Support

Sales Inquiries

If you would like to inquire about using Alliance’s services in your community we can be reached by email at sales@alliancecas.com or by phone at (407) 801-7980.

New File Submission

If you are a client and would like to submit new collection files please send to newfile@alliancecas.com. If this is your first file submission we strongly urge an onboarding call with your salesperson. Upon file submission:

  • Be sure to flag the account so payments received through lockbox cannot be processed while in collections.
  • Ensure files submitted include ledgers back to last zero balance. Any fine documentation, legal invoices and special assessment details should also be included.
  • Any payments received after submission shall be forwarded to Alliance’s corporate address.
  • Should an owner contact you after submission direct them to our office to resolve. We will address all claims and be the point of contact for all parties once in collections.

Accounting Inquiries

If you are a client with a question about a disbursement, financial report or payoff please contact our accounting department at accounting@alliancecas.com or by phone at (954)-981-1116 and dialing ext. 702.

Report Inquiries

If you are a client and have an inquiry on information contained in a recent report we may be reached at reports@alliancecas.com.

Case Specific Inquiries

If you are a client and have an inquiry on a specific case in Florida we may be reached at support@alliancecas.com or by phone at (954)-981-1116.

If you are a client and have an inquiry on a specific case in Georgia, South Carolina or North Carolina we may be reached at alliancenorth@alliancecas.com or by phone at (678)-786-1116.