Homeowner Tools & Info

Please review the following links for Homeowner Association information on recent Homeowners Association legislation, Florida Statutes, relevant Florida State Government Departments, Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County resources and other HOA and Condo information resources.

2011 Legislation That Passed
Condominium/ Cooperative Homeowner Association, HB 1195
Hidden Liens, HB 951

Florida Statutes
Chapter 718, Florida Statutes (the Condominium Act)
Chapter 720, Florida Statutes (the Homeowners)

State Government
Condominium Advisory Council
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Condominium Ombudsman
State of Florida

Additional Resources
Condo and HOA Arbitration Information
Condominium Ombudsman Educational Publications

Broward Resources
Broward Foreclosures
Broward Record Search
Broward Property Appraiser
Broward Clerk of Court

Dade Resources
Dade Foreclosures
Dade Record Search
Dade Property Appraiser 
Dade Clerk of Court

Palm Beach Resources
Palm Beach Property Appraiser
Palm Beach Clerk of Court
Palm Beach Public Record Search