How is Alliance different from the Association’s current collections attorney?

Alliance is a licensed collection company solely focusing on collections of unpaid assessments owed to Community Associations. Alliance is not a Law Firm. Taking a proactive approach, unlike attorneys, Alliance reaches out daily to the unit owners through our in-house call center and negotiators. Alliance also provides Community Association Collection Consulting Services. Alliance advises its clients on the entire collections process. Each Association and each unit has a unique set of circumstances; what actions the bank has taken, the occupancy of the unit and the condition of the unit. The answers to these questions along with the Association’s Collection Policy will determine the best course of action. This information provided by Alliance is paramount before the Association makes an informed decision. S.M.A.R.T. Collections uses continual communication and negotiation processes with each delinquent unit owner. All processes are determined by the Board, following the guidelines of the Association Collection Policy.

What happens to your fees if the bank forecloses?

If the bank forecloses, most or all of our fees can be wiped out. If this is the case, the Homeowners Association is not responsible to reimburse or pay Alliance for any cost or fees.

What is the difference between how Alliance (a collections firm) and a Law Firm charges our Association?

Alliance does not charge the Community Association any money at any time. Law firms usually bill the Association whether or not money was ever collected from the unit owner. They bill for time spent on each file not based upon the success of what they actually collect. Alliance only gets paid upon success of a collection, not based upon time spent working on the file.

Is this service of no cost to the Condominium Association? Do you take part of what we collect?

All fees are charged only to the delinquent owner or the bank. If we are not successful in collecting our fee, then we don’t earn a penny. We do not take a part of what the Condominium Association is due. All monies due to the Association are paid in full. Alliance does not take your late fees and/or interest for our services. The Association will always receive 100% of whatever is statutorily owed to them.

My attorney only collects the money from the unit owner or bank. What is the difference with your company?

Usually this is not the case. Many attorneys say they work on contingency basis. However, if they cannot collect monies from the delinquent owner or bank, the attorney bills the Condo Association for the cost and fees not recovered from the bank or the owner.

What do you charge the owner/bank?

The Association and Alliance mutually agree on fees that are charged to unit owners. As each Association is unique, Alliance customizes our services and billing structure to fit the needs of your Association.

What kind of reporting does our Homeowners Association receive?

Our custom reports allow the Board and property manager to easily review all pertinent information. Alliance understands reports can be very complex and hard to read. We simplify collection reports so they are easy to understand. Reports explain what actions Alliance took and will take on each delinquent unit. Just as important, we monitor all banks and the actions they have taken.

What Consulting Services does Alliance provide?

Alliance advises its clients on the entire HOA collections process. Alliance understands each community is very unique. In addition, each unit in every Association has a unique set of circumstances; what actions the bank has taken, the occupancy of the unit and the condition of the unit etc. This information, obtained by Alliance, is paramount before the Association can make an informed decision on each specific unit.

I owe my attorney too much money to leave him. What do you suggest?

Alliance has a program that pays off your outstanding legal bills. This immediately helps the Association stop the outflow of money for collections

At what point does our Association give Alliance the file?

This is determined by the Board, the Association’s Collection Policy and the property manager. All decisions are made by the Association on a case by case basis, at all times.

Do we have to transfer all collections files to you?

No, the Association decides which units are given to Alliance for collections.

Who handles the collections process? Do we get an account manager?

Your Association will be given a specific account manager to handle your account. There is no charge to contact your account manager at any time. Your manager will be hands on and will be visiting your property frequently.

Does Alliance work with the owners to set up payment plans?

Yes, Alliance works within the guidelines provided by the Board, the Association’s Collection Policy and the property manager to determine the terms of the payment plan. Once a plan is established, Alliance monitors the plan on a monthly basis to make sure payments are being made in a timely manner.

How long does your process take? When do we see results?

Results happen the day your Association contracts with Alliance. First, the Association stops incurring collection fees. Second, our approach through our outbound call center produces results in the first month. The success with each Association varies based upon several factors. This includes how many bank foreclosures have been filed, how many short sales are taking place, how many renters are in the community, etc.

Does the Homeowners Association have to sign a long term contract?

No. The Association can terminate our contract for any reason, with or without cause, with a written 30-day notice.

What Licenses do you have?

Alliance is a licensed collections and a real estate brokerage company.

Do you have references?

Alliance consults on thousands of associations. References will be furnished upon request.