How is Alliance different from the Association’s current collections attorney?


What happens to your fees if the bank forecloses?


What is the difference between how Alliance (a collections firm) and a Law Firm charges our Association?


My attorney only collects the money from the unit owner or bank. What is the difference with your company?


What do you charge the owner/bank?


What kind of reporting does our Homeowners Association receive?


What Consulting Services does Alliance provide?


I owe my attorney too much money to leave him. What do you suggest?


At what point does our Association give Alliance the file?


Do we have to transfer all collections files to you?


Who handles the collections process? Do we get an account manager?


Does Alliance work with the owners to set up payment plans?


How long does your process take? When do we see results?


Does the Homeowners Association have to sign a long term contract?


What Licenses do you have?


Do you have references?