Unpaid Receivables? Let Alliance Assist At No Cost!



We are a licensed collections firm specializing in the collection of both consumer and commercial debt.  If your company has growing receivables due to customers not paying for your services in a timely manner, we are here to assist with the collection of your monies. With our collection services, we will save your company time, effort, and increase your chances of recovering the monies owed to you, so your business may continue to thrive.



When you choose Alliance, there are absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses involved. There are no hidden fees for our services, nor is there a minimum commitment required. We simply take a small percentage of what is already owed to you. Together we can agree on an acceptable rate and work towards curing the debt owed to you. We are only paid upon success, not by the hour, providing us with great motivation to collect. If litigation is required, we will refer you to our preferred attorneys who will continue the process at no cost. If for any reason you do not wish to continue with our services, you can cancel any time. We truly are a NO RISK, NO COST SOLUTION!


With our outbound call center, we take a proactive approach and reach out to your customers consistently until a resolution is made. Our collections team will reach out to the owner through phone calls, correspondence, and in-person. Our team is trained in handling your toughest collections issues and will tailor our approach to your needs.  We will communicate with you through the entire collections process. These services come at no cost to you. We do not bill by the hour, unlike other collections firms or attorneys.  Law firms and other collection firms typically charge the client whether or not money was collected. Often, the client must pay these fees regardless of the outcome. This is not the case with our collections model. Even in the event Alliance needs to refer the account to the attorney for litigation, Alliance’s preferred attorney also operates at no cost to you.




The staff at Alliance collectively have over 25 years of experience in collections. We have successfully collected debts for both small businesses and large Associations. Alliance will be happy to provide you with references upon request.

Our rates are competitive, there is no commitment involved, and no additional cost to your business for our services. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. There is nothing to lose if you choose Alliance!

Let Alliance Help You Recover Your Unpaid Invoices!

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